April 2022 Newsletter

  • From the Director
  • New Location – Allianz Field!
  • Schedule
  • New Staff

Dear Friends, 

When I’m outside, I keep straining my eyes as I scan the ground and trees for the first evidence of real spring.  Are the crocuses pushing their green nibs, or bright green buds on the lilac bushes yet?  I reassure myself that it is coming, just wait a little bit longer.  As we celebrate Holy Week and Easter, I feel even more sure of this.  Resurrection does come, and is coming – even as new life is waiting beneath the surface of dark, nourishing, protective soil. 

At Shobi’s, I feel that we are living this process of new life and resurrection.  We had modified our schedule down as we waited for new staff.  Now one new member has come and another is on the way, and we’re slowly building back to our regular schedule!  The truck is back in action, the warmer weather is bringing more people out to lunch, and we’re now at a new Friday location – Allianz Field!  Living in this transitional, spring-like time, I have to remind myself that the waiting and the build up is a necessary process.  We’ve got to be attentive in training our new staff, letting our beloved people know of scheduling changes ahead of time, and taking care that the truck is road-ready – all before we swing back into our full weekly routine.  Preparation is holy work.  Just as God is preparing the tulips, crocuses and snowdrops underground before they blossom above, we tend to our own seeds before we can see the flower and fruit.  

I am grateful for the whole Shobi’s Table community who has continued to tend this ministry alongside us.  We are grateful for your support and need it to be continued!  Each time you sign up to volunteer, come to lunch, donate and pray, you are entering into God’s work – tending the vibrant garden community of folks gathered across economic and social bounds to be fed from the same Table.  It is a beautiful garden – come and see as it buds and blossoms this spring! 

With love, 

Kari Olsen – Director and Mission Developer

New Friday Lunch Location- Allianz Field

 After talking with Pr Kirsten at Bethlehem in the Midway, she connected us with some folks at the Allianz soccer field, and we got permission to serve in their parking lot – just across the street from where we parked at the church. You can still park at the church and walk right over.   We’re hoping that this new location with increased visibility will bring in even more folks to Shobi’s Table.  You won’t be able to miss us – the big blue truck out in the open right by Allianz Field!

Schedule – slowly adding back

As our new staff join us, we’ll be slowly going back to our full schedule.  Starting April 8th, we’ll add back Fridays in the Midway. On May 10th, we’ll add back Tuesday at the Capitol.  Looking forward to getting back into the full swing of operations!  

New Staff!

Tina Vaughan – Manager for Ministry Administration

For the last two years I have volunteered with Shobi’s, where it has been a highlight of my week. I got to set aside the worries of the day and use my hands and time to give back to my community by making delicious soups, salads and doing a lot of dishes.

The Shobi’s Table kitchen is a place of laughter, song and service that I am excited to be in and around a lot more often. 

In my new role as the Manager for Ministry Administration I will take on bookkeeping, records, and communications to help grow this thriving ministry, along with making and serving meals.

As I transition from a volunteer to a staff position, I look forward to helping create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for future volunteers and lunch patrons.