Thrivent Action Team

Are you a Thrivent member and a volunteer at Shobi’s Table? You can help support Shobi’s Table by being part of a Thrivent Action Team! All Thrivent members have access to starting TWO Thrivent Action Teams per year, sponsored by Thrivent with $250! If you apply for one to sponsor Shobi’s Table, you can help us purchase the groceries and lend a hand to make delicious, nutritious meals for everyone and anyone. When you volunteer at Shobi’s Table AND sign up to do a Thrivent Action Team, you multiply the good that can be done! Click HERE to learn more about volunteers.

If you sign up, let Deacon Kari know (, and she’ll let you know the details about what, when, and where can groceries, etc. be purchased. Then, you can sign up on our volunteer page and make sure you’ll be there to help out the week of your Action Team.

Here’s what they say about being part of an Action Team:

“Thrivent Action Teams make it easy to live generously. It starts with a simple question: “Who can I help and how?” Apply to lead a volunteer team in a fundraiser, service activity or educational event. We’ll provide the tools and resources to bring your passion to life.”

Click the link below to visit the website and apply!

Celebrate generosity group with arms around each other