What We Do

The Ministry of Shobi’s Table

Our Vision: Shobi’s Table is a common table where all find nourishment in body and soul. 

A Pay-As-You-Can Café – on wheels!

Following the values of One World Everybody Eats, Shobi’s Table is a pay-as-you-can food truck that creates and serves from-scratch, delicious, nutritious meals. We use rescued food from TC Food Justice, and are looking to gain partners with local farmers. Volunteers come to help prep the meals and serve at the truck. All of us – from volunteers and employees to guests at the table, are all the foundations of this table based community.

There is no set menu – but you can expect lots of burritos, wraps, sandwiches, salads, hot dishes like baked pastas, fried rice and more.

Our Mission: Shobi’s Table is a kitchen-based community who works together towards daily and sustainable justice, mercy and love made edible and available to everyone.

Our Values: Shobi’s Table is a food ministry that is centered in Jesus Christ, focused on partnerships, relationships, regenerative adaptability, and is with the people not for the people.

Your help matters!

All of this work is powered by the love of God through those of you who come volunteer, share lunch with us at the truck, donate and pray. We couldn’t do any of this without you!

Want to know more?

Invite Deacon Kari or someone from the Shobi’s Table team to come out to your church or community to share more about the ministry and how you can get involved. She’s available to preach, to share during Sunday School, Adult Forum, during the church service time, on program nights, etc. Other ideas? Contact Deacon Kari Olsen with inquiries and scheduling.