Volunteering – About


Interested in volunteering at Shobi’s Table? That’s wonderful news! We’d love to have you. All folks who wish to volunteer need to APPLY (see more info below) and then be trained (once you’ve applied, you’ll be contacted by email to set up a time). We allow for up to 3 volunteers per shift. It’s great a great time to meet a new friend if you come by yourself, or also to bring a friend or family member if you’d like to bring one!

Volunteer Contact Info

All inquiries about volunteering can be directed to our Volunteer Coordinator – shobistablevc@gmail.com.

Volunteering Health Protocols

Shobi’s Table is seeking regular volunteers to serve either in the kitchen or at the truck during the lunch hour. Every volunteer is asked to consider his/her own health as well as those within your home before volunteering. 

  • STAY HOME if you feel unwell: If you have experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 or any other infectious disease, are immuno-compromised, have a higher chance of contracting the illness, or have been in contact with someone else who has (or may have), please stay home. 
  • LIMITED NUMBERS: Only 5 people are allowed in the kitchen and dish room at one time, so that physical distancing is possible. With Deacon Kari and one Assistant at all shifts, that leaves room for up to 3 more volunteers.
  • MASKS: All volunteers will be required to bring masks. At the beginning of the shift we will decide together whether or not to wear masks – depending on how may people are vaccinated, as well as the comfort level and needs of each person.
  • PHYSICAL DISTANCING: All volunteers practice physical distancing to the best of our ability. We move around a lot in the kitchen, and acknowledge that we are not always able to keep 6 feet of distance at every moment, but we do our best.

Volunteer Culture

Shobi’s Table seeks to build community through our work together. We are a community of people who respect and love one another, no matter where we come from or what beautiful identities we hold. We seek to honor and respect each other’s stories as we learn more about each other. We seek to be a welcoming place where people’s identities that have often or sometimes put them on the margins, can feel at home. We ask that each person who comes to be a part of the community to actively love and respect each person present in these same ways.

Regular Volunteers

We are hopeful to gain a crew of regular volunteers who can serve with us on a regular basis – e.g. once every month, once every other week.

Kitchen and Dish Room Volunteers

These folks come to help with kitchen prep (chopping lots of vegetables, portioning out meals, and help with general cooking tasks) and cleaning (running the dish machine, keeping our kitchen in a clean and safe condition). Volunteers must wear closed-toed shoes, clean clothes, a mask and come with their hair restrained. We limit the total amount of people in the kitchen and dish room to 5, 2 of which are staff, and so we can have a maximum of 3 volunteers per shift with us. If you would be more comfortable with less than 5 people in the room, you may also sign up for multiple slots so that it is just you, or you and folks with whom you live (who are trained). Folks who would like to stay in the dish room, please sign up just for a Dish Room slot. If you are sick, please stay home and let Deacon Kari or another staff member know. Once you’ve applied, and been trained (see below), you can sign up for shifts as follows:

  • Monday: 3:30-6:30pm
  • Tuesday: 9am-noon
  • Wednesdays 2-5pm
  • Thursdays: 9am-noon
  • Fridays: 9am-noon

Kitchen Training

All kitchen and dish team volunteers are required to be trained in the Shobi’s Table commercial kitchen space prior to volunteering, with a maximum of three people per training session to keep physical distancing protocols. Training is available on Mondays and Wednesdays on an as-need basis. To connect, please contact shobistablevc@gmail.com.

Truck Hosts

These folks serve at the truck location from 11:45 a.m. – 2:00/2:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays and will walk the surrounding neighborhood to share about Shobi’s Table and show them where the truck is parked, invite people to lunch, share hospitality and conversation with customers, and help with serving drinks, etc.  Then, if you are able, you will return to the kitchen with us to help finish any dishes and clean up.