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Applying to Shobi’s Table

Description of Shobi’s Table

Shobi’s Table is a pay-as-you-can food truck in St Paul, Minnesota.  It is a ministry of the St Paul Area Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  Currently the food truck serves lunch three days a week, with a vision to expand its operations.  Staff and volunteers create a different menu of from-scratch, nutritious meals each week, based on donations that come in.  

All employees of Shobi’s Table will have the opportunity to work both in the kitchen, as well as in the position they applied and are hired for. 

Why Work for Shobi’s Table 

Shobi’s Table is a place where love is known in action, and faith is put into practice.  When you join our team, you will be joining a ministry that believes in God’s love made edible in daily meals and tangible in building community.  You will have the opportunity for meaningful and creative work that makes a difference in the lives of our community members and your own.  You will also be part of the growth of this ministry, discerning how and where we go next.  

To apply: 

Please follow these directions: 

  1. Completely review the below documents:
    1. Shobi’s Table Ministry Summary, 
    2. All Staff at Shobi’s Table, 
    3. Job description you are applying for.  
  2. Write a 1-2 page cover letter answering the following:
    1. Introduce yourself with relevant details. 
    2. Why do you want to work for Shobi’s Table? What will you bring? What will you gain?
    3. What relevant experience do you have to the specific position you are applying for?
    4. What experience do you have working in a kitchen (commercial or not)?
    5. What does working in a kitchen-based ministry mean to you?
  3. Attach a resume with relevant experience, ability and education. 
  4. Please send in your cover letter, resume, and a list of three references to:
    1. OR
    2. 105 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55103

Application and Interview Process

By two weeks after receiving your letter of application, we will let you know if you are qualified for an interview (in-person or over Zoom) with our Director (and/or applicable staff members and board members). 

By one week after your interview, we will let you know if you are invited to come in for an in-person working kitchen interview.  This is a casual setting where the current staff and the interviewee can get to know one another a little while working to see if it is a good fit.  

By two weeks after the in-person interview, we will let you know if you have the job or not.

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Open Positions

All positions are filled. Please check back regularly for new open positions.