From Scratch Annual Fundraiser

2022 From Scratch will take place on November 6th at 7:00. Once again this will be a virtual event where you can get a glimpse into the Shobi’s Table Kitchen and hear about all we can accomplish as a community. Check back soon for more information on registration and video links.

Each Fall Shobi’s Table holds our big annual fundraiser – From Scratch. Begun in 2020, it’s been entirely a livestream experience so far. The first year we had videos sent in from partners who supported us through the gifts of their music (Nate Houge and Rhoda Habedank) and culinary prowess (Beth Dooley). The second year we put on our own cooking shows, showcasing some of our techniques in the Shobi’s Table kitchen. Each year has been incredibly successful – first surpassing our goal of $10,000 in 2020 and then surpassing our goal in 2021 of $15,000 with a generous matching grant! We look forward to more From Scratch events, and how they will shift and change over time… perhaps an in-person element someday? To look back, at past events, please click on the links below to see videos and other details:

Other Fundraisers

In 2021 we hosted our first ever 5K-As-You-Can for our spring friend and fund-raiser. Several folks got out in the heat to move, and then came to the truck to enjoy a delicious Shobi’s Table lunch. Check the link below to see more about that event. Check back again in the Spring to find out if there will be another 5K or another event to spread the good news of a meal at Shobi’s!