The mission of Shobi’s Table is to provide food, friendship, faith and employment skills to the homeless and near homeless people of St. Paul. A food truck is the site of food distribution, with program participants serving as the volunteers who cook and serve the food. The program draws a large group of people together who are forming community with each other and finding the resources they need to move toward self-sufficiency.

Shobi’s Table is much more than a food truck that provides food to the homeless. The program is designed to draw the homeless into meaningful volunteer work and to help them build community with each other and volunteers. In addition, participants are assessed and connected to community resources that they need. As a result, participants gain skills, relationships and resources that help them move toward greater stability in their lives.

Currently, food is prepared on Wednesdays and served on Thursdays at one location on the East Side of St. Paul near Payne and Maryland Avenues. About 75 to 100 people are served meals every week.