Feed My Sheep

April Newsletter

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  • 5K-As-You-Can!
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Feed My Sheep

I recently had the opportunity to preach on John 21 for my uncle’s church in Washington State.  I have loved this passage throughout my time in kitchen-based ministry.  For those of you who need a memory-jog … it’s the abundant fishing and  “feed my sheep” story.  After the resurrection, and after Jesus has appeared a couple times very mysteriously, the disciples go out fishing and get nothing.  Jesus tells them to fish on the other side, they get a ton of fish, then eat breakfast with Jesus on the beach.  During breakfast conversation, Jesus asks Peter “Do you love me?” Each time Peter says, “You know I do”, Jesus says, “Feed my sheep.”  What a privilege that those of us who work in big kitchens get to do this literally!  But getting to make food for others aside, I am also struck at how this work goes both ways.  We’ve been serving lunch in Frogtown and Midway for nearly a year now, and we’ve gotten to know some beautiful people.  People who are very committed to their neighborhoods.  People who have shared some of their joys, sorrows, and even daily humdrum with us.  Even when someone doesn’t know much English and we don’t know their language, we’ve come up with a way to communicate and know each other a little bit.  Just as we offer lunch from the truck in the warm weather and the folding table in the cold, we’ve been humbled by people’s generosity and hospitality to us all year long.  It seems to me that Jesus forgot to add that when we feed the sheep, we in turn become the sheep that are fed. 

5K As-You-Can

Shobi’s Table is out to FRIENDRaise!  We want more folks to know about Shobi’s Table, and how they can participate as guests at lunch, volunteers and financial supporters.  So, we’re asking YOU to invite a friend or two who doesn’t know about Shobi’s Table yet, and participate in our 5K-As-You-Can!  Together, you can walk, run, ride your bike, push a wheelchair, cartwheel… while you tell them about how good it is to be a part of the Shobi’s Table community.  While you can do your 5K anytime during May 16-22, if you come to the Gloria Dei parking lot on May 22nd, you can pick up a delicious Shobi’s Table lunch and then do a 5K in the park area nearby.  It’s a great time to catch up with each other in a safe, outdoor area, and get out to move your body and enjoy God’s good creation.  
Register here at https://shobistable.org/5k-as-you-can/

Truck Update

Our beloved big blue truck will be back in action soon!  It spent the winter months up in a cozy outbuilding tucked in alongside big equipment at a friend’s farm.  It is currently in the shop getting the serving window fixed, and will be back on the road within a week or two.  We’re really looking forward to having Big Blue back!  

Grant Support! 

Did you know that Shobi’s Table is supported not only by your generous donations, but by grants from other organizations? We are so grateful to these communities for supporting the work needed to make our pay-as-you-can cafe run smoothly and keep growing!

  • ELCA Hunger
  • Elim Scandia Foundation 
  • Abiding Savior Mission Endowment Fund 
  • Incarnation Lutheran Church Budding Idea Grants
  • University Lutheran Church of Hope – Reveal Hope Capital Campaign

A Note from the Board 

We sing – 

Give us our daily bread. Give us our daily bread. Give us our daily bread.

May we be satisfied.

May we be satisfied. May we be satisfied. May we be satisfied.
With only what we need.

Never be satisfied. Never be satisfied. Never be satisfied.
If any be denied.

Five thousand will be fed.Five thousand will be fed. Five thousand will be fed.
Trusting there be enough.

Give us our daily bread. May we be satisfied…

We pray – “Give us our daily bread.” We do so because we know we are connected. My success, my delight, my satisfaction with life is dependent upon your success.  Unless you have your daily bread alongside me, I cannot fully enjoy mine.

We know – each of us needs to have bread daily. We cannot survive, we cannot live, we cannot thrive without daily sustenance. Our bread may take different forms and shapes, but we are all in need of it. Without it, we will wither and die.

We trust – today we feed 26. Tomorrow there may be 14. Perhaps next week, we will feed 52.  Daily, we provide as we also receive what is provided to each of us. We do this in community, and we gain an even different form of daily bread by doing so. We delight in our ability to share, and to be a part of the five thousands.

This is the mission of Shobi’s Table: to ensure that all have daily bread. And that our bread is good and life-sustaining. I am pleased to support Shobi’s Table, and am happy to be part of the Board of Directors. My work with Shobi’s Table is a portion of my own daily bread.

Sandy Aslaksen

“Words and music by Bret Hesla. © 2003 Bret Hesla.  All rights reserved. Used by permission. Licensed via OneLicense.net,Contact: Bret.hesla@gmail.com.” To hear Bret sing this song, use this link:  Give Us Our Daily Bread