Compostable To-Go Materials Drive

Are you (or your community, your church, your work, or your friends or family) looking to support Shobi’s Table through a collection drive? Great! The best things to collect for us are compostable to-go materials! We’re committed to using as close to 100% compostable products for all of our pay-as-you-can meals.

If you’re interested in collecting for us, please email Deacon Kari at

Here is a list of things we frequently use:

  • Medium Brown Paper Bags with handles (Example here)
  • Large Brown Paper Bags with handles (Example here)
  • 10 Pound Brown Paper Lunch Sacks
  • Compostable Napkins (brown or white paper – no ink please!)
  • Compostable Clamshell Containers – large (Example here)
  • Compostable 12 oz containers and lids – (Example here)
  • Compostable 8 oz containers and lids – (Example here)
  • Compostable forks
  • Compostable spoons
  • Compostable hot cups (10-12 oz) – (Example here)
  • Compost trash bags (35-45 gallon capacity)

Many of these things can be bought at the Costco Business Center, or online at World Centric (Website here). Stores such as Target also carry some compostable goods, and Amazon seems to have everything! We don’t need specific brands (we just gave you examples above so you can see a good option) – we just need everything to be new, clean and compostable!

Questions? Contact We’d love to work with you!