Dollar for Dollar Catering

SHOBI’S TABLE From-Scratch, Dollar-for-Dollar Catering

You can help fundraise for Shobi’s Table by hiring us for your catering needs. Every purchase of food pays not only for delicious, from-scratch catering for your event, but also pays for a meal for someone in need.  It’s a dollar-for-dollar match! For example, if you purchase 10 wrap sandwiches , you’ll also purchase 10 wrap sandwiches to be served at the pay-as-you-can café. 


Our menu is simple and flexible.  To order, we’ll send you the menu, and then you’ll work with our kitchen staff to choose a meal that fits your needs, attends to any special diets your group may have, and uses what is seasonally available.   For example, if you choose a simple soup, a kale salad, and bread – there are many seasonal varieties of each item that we can choose from, depending on the season.

SAMPLE PRICING: Vegetarian Wrap Sandwiches – $10 each, Wrap Sandwiches with Meat – $12 each. Contact to see more.

Fill out our inquiry form to let us know about your event. We will email you back with our availability* and send you our list of Wrap Sandwiches, Soups, Salads, Burrito and Taco Bar, Hot Dishes and Baked Goods.

*Our catering services are available on a limited basis. Please inquire at least 3 weeks ahead of your event.