Dollar for Dollar Catering

SHOBI’S TABLE From-Scratch, Dollar-for-Dollar Catering

You can help fundraise for Shobi’s Table by hiring us for your catering needs. Every purchase of food pays not only for delicious, from-scratch catering for your event, but also pays for a meal for someone in need.  It’s a dollar-for-dollar match! For example, if you purchase 20 wrap sandwiches, included in the price is 20 wrap sandwiches that we’ll give out at the pay-as-you-can café to folks who can’t pay.

MENU: Ordering from Shobi’s Table isn’t quite like ordering from a regular restaurant, food truck or catering business. Our menu changes seasonally and week to week for the pay-as-you-can café, due to whatever comes in our weekly donated deliveries from Twin Cities Food Justice. We will match our weekly café menus with any catering menus we have so to be good stewards of both ingredients and preparation time. When you initially order, we will give you a general idea of what could be served (such as Soup and Bread OR Wrap Sandwich Meals OR Baked Pasta and Salad). The week of the event, we will know more specifically what will be made (such as Tomato Soup, Garlic Bread Sticks, Curried Chicken Wraps, Burritos/Tacos, OR Rustic Pepper and Zucchini Baked Pasta). If you have any requests, we will do our best to take them into consideration, but cannot make any promises ahead of time.

PRICING: Most menus come out to be about $10-15/person. You will be sent an initial invoice. You (or your organization) can either pay the total up front, or you can ask for our donation box to put put out during the event. If you choose to do this, any donations made will be subtracted from your final total, and you will pay the remainder afterward. Minimum order total is $300.

FOOD TRUCK: If you would like the food truck to come out, we charge $150 for bringing it out to location within a 10 mile radius of our kitchen, and for 2 hour serving window. For locations past a 10 mile radius and up to a 25 mile radius, we charge $200. (We are located at 105 University W, St Paul, MN 55103).

SCHEDULING: Please fill out an inquiry form as soon as possible before your event! It is best to get at least 4-6 weeks advance notice, but sometimes we get events on our calendar as far as 6-8 months in advance.

CANCELLATIONS: We know that there are times that you need to cancel – such as weather (we wouldn’t want folks standing outside in line in a storm!)  For last minute weather cancellations, we will charge 40% of the initial invoice.  For all other cancellations, we ask that you let us know at least 3 days ahead of time, and no charge will be made. For cancellation made 1-2 days before, we will charge 25% of the initial invoice.

Fill out our inquiry form to let us know about your event. We will email you back with our availability* and put together an initial invoice.

*Our catering services are available on a limited basis. Please inquire at least 3 weeks ahead of your event.  

PREPARING FOR YOUR EVENT: If you are planning an event for which you are estimating the total amount of guests, it is best if you do some advertising in advance – such as creating a Facebook events, email invites, newspaper ads, and REALLY GOOD signage. Feel free to let folks know that we’ll be there!