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Dear Friends of Shobi’s Table,  This past week we had a visiting group of volunteers in the kitchen – two youth, their pastor and another chaperone.  A few weeks ago, their Pastor Paisley, a seminary colleague of mine, reached out to ask if their group might be able to come work at Shobi’s Table for a few days.  Their mission trip to another location had to be canceled, and she was looking for another place last minute.  While I was hesitant at first to host a mission trip group (hadn’t done that before!) I also saw that we needed volunteers that week, so I said “Sure, come on up!”  Waving goodbye to them today, I am so incredibly grateful that Pastor Paisley reached out, and that we could have them.  We had an absolute mountain of produce to process! They chopped strawberries, watermelon, kale, rainbow chard, beets, radishes, kohlrabi, and more.  They had great attitudes and good energy, humming along to pop hits from past decades and enjoying conversation with the whole group.  Things don’t always work out like we planned them.  Mission trips get canceled and rescheduled in new locations.  I plan for local volunteers and then get a seemingly random youth group from Chicago.  I had thought we weren’t a great spot for one-time volunteer groups, but turns out we are for a small group who can come the whole week! (Got a group of 6 or less? Let me know!) I am always learning that as important as it is to make plans, it is equally important to stay open to how they will change.  It is often where I see God working beyond what I can imagine.  And so, we keep making plans at Shobi’s Table.  Have you heard that we’re going to open a fourth serving location at Rice & Larpenteur?  We’re still working towards this goal, hopefully beginning soon! There are many ways you can help us achieve this goal.  First, pray for us to continue following the Spirit’s (sometimes winding) ways.  Second, come and volunteer with us and invite a friend while you’re at it.  Third, spread the word that we are hiring two new positions to help support the growth of the fourth day and beyond.  (See link to job postings below!)  And last, but certainly not least – you can give to Shobi’s Table, ensuring that the food truck will continue to build community around delicious and nutritious meals – God’s grace made delicious!Hope to see you at the truck this summer!

Deacon Kari Olsen 

Thank you for your GenerosityA big shoutout to all of the folks who donated to support us in our Summer Fundraiser. Together you met the matching gift within the first week of June and gave over $11,000 to Shobi’s Table! Your donations are impacting the lives of so many folks in our community.  It has been a great encouragement to see how excited everyone is about everything we’ve been able to accomplish with your partnership.  If you would like to continue to support us, please click the link below!Give Now


Do you  or someone you know have hours to fill this summer? A student at loose ends, newly retired and looking for a project, need a new activity to do while catching up with old friends? Come volunteer at Shobi’s Table and bring a friend! Our kitchen shifts are a great time to chat and hang out with old and new friends. We’d love to see you soon!  
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Lunch Service Canceled:Tuesday July 4th, Thursday,July 13th, Friday July 15th
Volunteer Shifts Canceled:Monday July 3rd

Shobi’s Table is a pay-as-you-can mobile café in St Paul, MN.  We rely on your support financially, in volunteer hours, in sharing about us with a friend and neighbor, sharing lunch with us, and especially in prayer.     This email was sent to reneeroeber@gmail.com. Click here to unsubscribe.