May 2023

Dear Friends of Shobi’s Table, 

I’ve been reminiscing about when we first started our catering program in 2019.  I said yes to just about any event that came my way, knowing that it was a great way to re-introduce the ministry of Shobi’s Table as a pay-as-you-can cafe.  What I wasn’t anticipating, was that I would also learn about the wonderful ministry already happening in the St Paul Area Synod and beyond.  Lutheran Church of Peace in Maplewood hired us to come out to cater one of their Neighbor Nights (a free meal and worship for locals). We catered the dinner for Gather, a ministry for young adults across the Twin Cities Metro.  We did volunteer appreciation meals for both Gloria Dei and Christ the King (I still remember the soup from the first and the pasta from the second!) Beyond the church, we served at community events on the Eastside of St Paul through the Eastside Collaborative, and a community celebration at Frogtown Farm.  All this while getting our first lunch pay-as-you-can lunch site up and running near Christ on Capitol Hill.  It was an exciting year!

As you may already know, we are planning to begin our fourth weekly lunch site this summer.  We’re not quite ready to announce yet, but we are so excited about how it is coming together! One way you (or your church/community) can help support our cafe going from serving three days a week to four is by hiring us for your catering needs. When you hire us, you support an expanding ministry in our St Paul community AND we get to come see what good things you are up to!  When we get to know each other this way, we become a network of ministry supporting one another, sharing a web of resources, and rejoicing in the work God is doing all around us.  

If you want to find out more about what kinds of food we would bring to a catering, come share lunch with us at one of our three (soon four!) locations (by the Capitol, in Frogtown and Midway – check our website for the addresses).  If you’re not available to come during the week, we invite you to our Open House on Sunday, June 11th from 11am-2pm to see what it’s all about!  We’ll have lunch at the truck, an opportunity to see and work in the kitchen, and generally have a good time.  

Meal For Meal Catering

Are you a local in St Paul? A community member of a church or organization nearby?  One great way to support Shobi’s Table is by hiring us to cater an event!  We offer Meal For Meal catering, where every meal you purchase also pays for a meal at our regular pay-as-you-can lunch sites.  It’s a great way to check multiple boxes for your event: 1) Cover your food needs with delicious Shobi’s Table fare, 2) Support Shobi’s Table (hiring us is like hosting an easy fundraiser for Shobi’s!) and 3) Help us spread the good news of a meal at Shobi’s Table with your community. 

Put in your request for a catering event TODAY! We get booked up quickly, so get to our website and fill out a Catering Request HERE (insert link) – we’re open for requests for mid-summer,  into the fall and winter.