March 2023

If you’ve ever been to Holden Village, you know about bus arrival and departure.  Whenever anyone comes to or leaves the Village, there is a group of people, sometimes small and sometimes big, waving you in or waving you out.   In my time there, it was an essential part of fostering the sense of community among an ever-changing group of people.  You might be thinking, Really? Waving?  It might sound a little silly, but once you’ve either missed a bus departure for someone you’ve grown to love or raced down to bus arrival for another who hasn’t been there in a while – it makes complete sense.  A ritual of hellos and goodbyes nurtured the river of relationships that make up the community.  

We’re familiar with these river-like relationships at Shobi’s Table. When you come to the truck, you’ve had more than one person greet you and take your order.  You may remember Daniele, or Taylor, me, Paul, and now Tina and Renee.  Each one has brought their own intention to the role of welcoming each person who comes to the truck and then sending them on their way. These points of connection have built up some relationships that result in regulars coming every week, and also others we may only know for a season. 

Community is naturally ever-changing. God is always calling each person in different ways – sometimes to stay, and sometimes to go.  Our own Kitchen Manager Renee has let us know that they are following the call to move on soon.  I am so grateful for the time Renee was with Shobi’s Table.  While I am sad to see them go, I also know that when folks follow their own call in wisdom and courage, it often has good ripple effects around them.  Renee was the right person at the right time to make the many logistics of serving thousands of delicious meals run smoothly this past year.  I have faith that their own leave-taking is also making space for the next right person at the right time for Shobi’s Table. 

Do you happen to know that right person?  The Kitchen and Catering Manager position is open and live on several online platforms (Indeed, MN Council of Nonprofits, local college and university job boards, etc.) We’re looking for someone who loves to cook and loves people. You don’t need lots of commercial kitchen experience, we can train you in. Most importantly, we’re looking for someone who understands our mission to feed everyone in body and soul, and is excited to lead a from-scratch kitchen in serving lots of delicious meals.    We know that the best way to find someone is through word of mouth. If you, or someone you know might be interested in working with the ministry of Shobi’s Table, please share the job post or connect with me.  

We may not have bus arrival and departure at Shobi’s Table, but we have open arms and hearts to mark the welcome of hello and the blessing of goodbye, and give thanks for the time in between. To all of the community at Shobi’s Table, Your presence at the table with us is holy – no matter how short or long – and we are grateful for how you have and continue to shape us.  

  • Deacon Kari Alice Olsen

Fourth Day Survey

We’re starting the process to begin our fourth serving day at Shobi’s Table, and we’re inviting you – our community – to help us determine where.  Do you have an idea of where we should go next? If so, fill out this form and let us know. 

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We’re Hiring – Kitchen & Catering Manager

As Kari Mentioned above, this section of the newsletter and meals served to you on the truck will soon be prepared by someone new. Though I have enjoyed creating menus and meals for the community and bringing you all kitchen tips, tricks and recipes here; it is time for a new adventure. For as long as I can remember I have had the dream of living out of a van and navigating the backcountry of the United States. So I bought an empty cargo van and am in the process of turning it into my dream tiny home on wheels for my cat and I. 

Though I am saying goodbye to this position in late April you’ll still see me on all of Shobi’s social media pages as I will be continuing on as the Digital Media Manager. In my time here at Shobi’s I have really learned how much I enjoy creating and curating content for social media and looking into the analytics of it all. Seeing how we can connect community members and watch this community grow. Thank you to each and everyone of you that have come into the kitchen to help prepare meals and to all of you that come to the truck for a meal. 

Serving Schedule Updates

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