February 2023

From the Director 
One of my favorite podcasts is Hidden Brain.  On their recent episode “Who’s In Your Inner Circle?”, the host Shankar Vedantam explores the idea of how we humans, like birds of a feather, tend to flock together – especially economically.  Most of us don’t do this intentionally, and often we’re just trying to make a connection! When we meet new folks, we often try to find something we have in common to begin a conversation – and often those connections reveal our economic similarities.  We may also unintentionally infer information about each other by what we’re wearing, what cars we drive, our jobs, etc, and use that information to build (or not build) a new connection. Mr. Vendantam interviews two economists who have studied this phenomenon, who have noticed that one of the unintended consequences of this tendency is unfortunately contributing to deepening economic divides.   This isn’t a new phenomenon.  The apostle Paul calls out the Corinthians for not sharing their community fellowship meal equally, which was deepening divides in the church.  Sharon Ringe mentions in her commentary on 1 Corinthians 11 that it was normal for meals to be class specific – an environment where it would be easy to slip into the habit of eating with your same-feather friends. Paul encourages them to wake up out of their habits, and understand the benefit of Jesus’ invitation to the Table.  When the community let social norms of economic divisions determine the culture of the Table, some members got too much and some got none at all. When Jesus defines the culture of the Table, everyone gets what they need.  Paul gives a simple change that can make a difference – “wait for one another” (vs 33), and eat together.   At Shobi’s, we’re setting up a table to do just that.  When we eat from the same table together, we have the opportunity to see the power of the Lord’s Table in action.  That power looks like being nourished with real food to live well, and building connections that can make a true difference in that life. In the Hidden Brain podcast, it looks like a story of one person who moved from low-paying jobs into a career that utilized his talents through a connection, a relationship outside of his economic circle.  Mr. Vedantam says it best – “When we reach out to form connections with people in different economic stations, it has the potential to transform our lives, their lives, and the lives of strangers in the far future.”  Come and eat with us at Shobi’s Table to be fed by Jesus’ transformative table.   Deacon Kari
We’re starting the process to begin our fourth serving day at Shobi’s Table, and we’re inviting you – our community – to help us determine where.  Do you have an idea of where we should go next? If so, fill out this form and let us know.New Site Survey
We’re Hiring – Kitchen Ministry Associate
Do you or someone you know enjoy meaningful kitchen work? Come work with us at Shobi’s Table!  We’re hiring a half-time Kitchen Ministry Associate (benefits included).  You are our best network to find the best candidates, so please share this job opportunity with any folks you think might be a good fit. 
Shobi’s Table relies on volunteers to keep our table open, and we want to take a day to celebrate your part in our community. Mark your calendars, and look for more information to come! 
From The Kitchen
We are so excited to be back in the kitchen getting ready to start serving y’all again!  We will be back at all three sites starting February 7th, 2023! In the meantime if you have thought about having us cater your upcoming event, be sure to get in contact with us! We are scheduling now through the end of 2023! Email kitchen@shobistable.org for more information and pricing!
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Shobi’s Table is a pay-as-you-can mobile cafe in St Paul, MN.  We rely on your support financially, in volunteer hours, in sharing about us with a friend and neighbor, sharing lunch with us, and especially in prayer.