April 2023

From Winter to Spring, From Fear to Life

This past week I was finally back in the pulpit for the first time since my baby was born! It was wonderful to share the Good News with the good folks at Como Park Lutheran.  If I were to boil down the message to one phrase, I’d say it was “do not be afraid”, which is one of the most common phrases found in the Bible.  Some list it, in one form or another, appearing 365 times! A whole year of daily reminders to not be afraid.  We need it. Fear can easily get into our heads in so many ways. Ways we might not even name as fear right away – pride, control, avoidance, etc.  If we are not aware of it, fear can freeze us up like the earth covered in ice and snow.  

I like to think of the spring being another way God reminds us to not be afraid.  Warmth floats in, the snow and ice melt, we relax and go outside to a blossoming world.  Opening ourselves to see how fear has frozen us can be the first sign of our own spring thaw.  Spring brings the promises of Easter – the power of death is overcome by the power of resurrection. Do not be afraid! Life abundant wins the day!

In my work with Shobi’s Table, I sometimes recognize my own fears getting the better of me… especially in the winter.  In particular, I catch myself worrying that we won’t have the resources to step into the growth we are called to do.  But then I see a sign of spring, and am reminded “do not be afraid.”  This spring, I am grateful for one sign in particular.  We have new staff to announce! Faith Bickner will be joining us as our new Kitchen and Catering Manager on April 1st, and Eric Gustafson will begin as our Community Engagement Manager on June 1st.  You’ll be hearing more about them in the coming newsletters.  I am thrilled to begin the busy summer season with this growing staff!  

As we prepare to step into the Easter season and watch for signs of spring all around us, I invite  you to pray for the ministry of Shobi’s Table.  Thank God for bringing us this far, through seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall.  Pray we will trust that God will provide all the resources we need to keep following the call forward.  As you pray for this community, we will pray for you, thanking God for the gift you have been and continue to be.  Amen! 

Volunteer Appreciation Invitation- Saturday, April 15th 10am-noon

We’re hosting a celebration for our volunteers on April 15th!  We’ll gather at Christ on Capitol Hill at 10am to enjoy our famous scones, coffee and tea together.  We’ll also have thank you gifts as a small token of our appreciation for all those who have given so generously of their time. Christ on Capitol Hill is located at 105 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55103.  Let us know if you can make it!  https://forms.gle/D97rU8iF4LuXXiSPA