August Newsletter

  • Notes from the Kitchen 
  • Support Shobi’s Table
  • Shobi’s in the News!
  • Summer Schedule
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Notes From The Kitchen

As summer is here and many of us have summer plans and trips planned with family. We want to make sure you feel like you can still connect with Shobi’s from a distance. Each week we are asking you to join in and give your ideas on what you would make with the food donations we have been receiving, and asking how you think we will incorporate it into our menu for the week. You can find these posts in our Facebook and Instagram stories throughout the week! We share the ideas back to all of you and hope you will join us in these fun questions and polls! Who knows maybe your idea will show up on our Menu! If you make any of the shared ideas in your kitchen at home, we hope you share them with us!  

The first one we did was about beets and we made a beet gazpacho with it! Some have asked for the recipe, so we will be sharing that with you on our social media pages in the coming weeks!

Support Shobi’s Table:

Thrivent Action Grants and Choice Dollars 

One of the ways individuals and congregations can support Shobi’s Table is through the Thrivent Action Team grant program and Thrivent Choice. If you are a Thrivent client you are eligible to request a $250 grant towards a project, or to direct quarterly giving to a non-profit of your choice. 

Funds given to us through Thrivent have gone to support many things at Shobi’s Table:

  • Purchase food to supplement donated produce
  • Upgrade aging kitchen or truck equipment
  • Fund a catered VBS event at your congregation
  • Help pay for compostable take out containers

If you are interested in supporting Shobi’s Table in this way, reach out to Tina at to learn about projects we would love to partner with you on. 

For more information visit 

Thrivent Choice or Thrivent Action Grants 

Shobi’s In the News!

The Midway Monitor recently published a wonderful article about Shobi’s Table and our efforts to build community in the Midway neighborhoods.

Read it here!

Volunteer Opportunities

We have something for everyone! Come help in the kitchen washing produce, doing some prep work, making some baked goods, even dishes, all while enjoying music and conversation with each other.  None of those sound appealing? Come out with us when we serve food from the truck! You can help us in the truck by taking down orders or out front serving coffee and water and getting a chance to connect with the communities we serve in. We finish these days off by sharing a meal with one another. Find out more by clicking on the link below.