The last several weeks have been busy. Busy in a way that we never expected. We met a journalist who was curious about what we are up to at Shobi’s Table. We went about our business of being church and showing him what we are about.

Turns out, people get excited about what we are about!
Here is a link to the phenomenal article that brought us a bit of attention:

This was exciting and fun. We had a chance to tell our story to the local news and a few other larger new outlets. This is a good thing, but at the end of the day, we are being church.

We had an incredible opportunity on September 7 to be church with some other lutherans.

September 7th was Rally Day for many congregations. The Sunday when the families return for a new year of Sunday School. It is also the newly established, God’s Work, Our Hand’s Sunday. A day for lutherans in the ELCA to be of service to their communities.

A pretty fantastic day for Shobi’s Table to share our ministry with the church.

We were invited by Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in St Paul, to share our story and serve a meal. On Saturday, the good people of Gloria Dei lived into our vision of church and helped us prep the meal for Sunday. They took time to make dough, roll it out, and fill it for the Sunday meal. We got to know one another. Our communities sharing in the work of feeding each other. It was good.

Sunday was incredible. Some of the people from Shobi’s Table had their first experience of “high church” liturgy. The people of Gloria Dei came to church at Shobi’s Table. Our church building is wherever we park. It was good to take turns visiting one another.

A wonderful part of being church is the diversity that exists. Gloria Dei has friends in rural Minnesota at a church called, Waverly Lutheran. We had a wonderful time getting to know the folks from Waverly and learning about their ministries.

I have immense hope for the church when I see that on one Sunday morning, three congregations take the time to worship together and share a meal together. We are incredibly different communities, brought together by God’s love.

God has called us to be in relationship with one another. Christ reminds us that we don’t forgive our neighbors once or twice. But, we forgive 77 times. Christ wants us to be in relationship. Christ wants us to be reconciled to one another as we are reconciled to God. This isn’t easy work, but there are Sundays in which three congregations sit down to worship and share a meal and we believe that reconciliation is at work.

Keep hope alive. You have been restored to relationship.