So it begins

We did it.

We served a meal.  We blessed the truck.

Now, the work begins.

The first time out is exciting and crazy and filled with adrenaline.

As my boss man says, “you are the shiny penny.”

Now, to keep the penny shiny, or at least not too dull.

We had fun and laughed as we cooked.  I had dish duty.  Wonderful to have a community that takes care of what needs to be done.  I’m just there to lend some good order.  


The wonderful people at Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church in St Paul allowed us to crash their Maundy Thursday and use their kitchen.  We are still working out the details of our long term relationship, but it was a beautiful start.  We were greeted warmly and led straight to the kitchen.  Despite the hectic schedules of Holy Week, no one was too busy to answer our questions, to come visit with us, or to welcome us into their home.  

We realized there was a glitch with the dough.  We had rolled it out early and it had stuck to the paper dividers.  We scrambled to re-roll the dough and get it ready for filling.  It meant we were 30 mins late for our appointed time to start serving.  But, the reality is, no one was expecting us this first time.  We were merely late for our own party.  

We served delicious food and chatted with all our guests. 

And then, we blessed the truck.

We read from scripture the story of Shobi and his abundant table.  Second Samuel 17.  We heard how he provided a good meal and hospitality to an unexpected person.  

We blessed the space in which we gathered for meal and fellowship.  In other words, we prayed a blessing on the sidewalk and the outdoors.  We then blessed the kitchen and the truck that allows for us to do this ministry in a creative way.  We laid our hands on the truck and prayed for all the work that will happen on it.  




My friend Marc, wrote us a lovely prayer that we ended with: 

Blessed are you, O Lord our God, for in your mercy you provide food for the ravens and wild beasts, wine from the vineyard, and joy at our tables. You give give rain to the earth, and in the shadow of your wings, the wheels on the bus go round and round. Today we dedicate this humble truck to the selfless service of your open hand. May your blessing rest on all its parts, that it will bear witness to your abundant grace, and tread the streets of this city in safety. Bless those who work or wander on the open roads, those who live away from the shelter of home, and all who hunger in every way. AMEN

Good stuff.  

And then, my boss man, AKA the Rev. Paul Erickson, invited all those who had come to share our beginning to lay their hands on those who are members of Shobi’s Table.  He prayed for us and the ministry we are called to do.  


A simple beginning.  Some food, some prayers, some minor glitches.  I suppose that is how all things start.  In this season of Easter, the road to the Cross and resurrection began with a baby, born to a family that encountered the glitch of no room in the inn.  I think we are in good company.  

And, so we say, “ Alleluia, Christ is risen, he is risen indeed.”

Keep hope alive.